Monday, September 16, 2013

My First!

You never forget your first time.  
~ Anonymous

SCENE:  Saturday morning breakfast rush; waiting in line at a McDonald's Restaurant

RANDOM STRANGER:  I really like your top.  

ME:  (smiles) Oh, thank you!  

RANDOM STRANGER:  Yeah, I really like it...  (pause)  Where did you get it?  

ME:  (face-splitting smile)  I made it.  


Later, my husband reminded me that at least two people have asked where he got one of the Hawaiian shirts that I made for him, but this was the first time someone asked me about something I was wearing.  

Do you remember your first time?  Where did it happen?  What were you wearing?  Who asked?  I'd love to hear about it.  :)


  1. Wow, the very first time was so so long 1976, but I believe it was the wrap skirts that I made for my best friend and I in high school. I was so PROUD!!!!!

    1. Wow - Tee - 1976! That's awesome! So, you've been hearing "where did you buy that?" for your clothes for almost 40 years!?!?! I am in awe! :)

    2. I sure have and even after all this time, it feels good to get compliments on clothing that I have created!!!!!

    3. I believe it. There are some things that we'll never get tired of... :)

  2. Gee! I know the feeling. One of my first "complete" projects was for my colleague and she wore it to work on a saree and it looked stunning. The entire day she told everyone that Gunjan made it for me and people came over to compliment me on that. Still remember that day. :D

    1. Hi Gunjan! Thank you so much for sharing your story! How awesome that your friend looked so beautiful in your work and that so many people commented on it to her and to you! I bet you have lots of folks who would love for you to complete a project for them... ;)
      I haven't had anything like this happen to me yet - maybe one day... ;)

  3. Sorry I'm so late in commenting - I just got back from a 3 week vacation and it's taking me forever to catch up on my blog roll. Anyway, my first time was at a local high-end mall - I had recently started sewing again (previously I mostly sewed costumes and wedding dresses) and a girl in a very fancy boutique said she liked my skirt and asked if I bought it at anthropologie. I told her that I made it and, after she expressed shock and awe, tried to get her to start sewing. Who knows - maybe she did?

    1. Hi Erin,
      Wow - that's awesome! Anthropologie! It must have been quite a skirt! Maybe you made a convert - we can only hope... :)
      Thanks for sharing!
      Take care,