Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's Official - I am NOT a Logistician

There can't be a crisis next week, my schedule is already full.  
~ Henry Kissinger

Yikes!  How can adding 1 person to our household throw my schedule into such chaos?  

I guess that when you start with two full time jobs, two long commutes and a house that is 3 miles from any public transportation system in a town that doesn't have taxi service and then add a teen who doesn't drive, but still needs to have a life - things can quickly spiral out of control!   :(

It's going to get easier, right?  We're going to get a system down and every single day is not going to be a scramble, right?  

(Just say "yes" - PLEASE!!!!)  


  1. Yes....but....good luck with that - yikes what a schedule LOL

    1. Thanks, Claire! To be fair, I pulled that specific picture from the internet - probably should have credited the web site... :(
      But it definitely captures the way my life is feeling these days!

  2. Think of it, some people are looking for things to do to "pass the time"! I cannot fathom that. My guess is that the scramble will improve somewhat as you figure out a rhythm but will not go away completely.

    1. Hi Ruth, Thanks! I hope you are right about finding a rhythm... That could happen anytime now... It wouldn't be too soon for me! ;)