Monday, March 17, 2014

Shopping Spree - For Used Clothes?!?!

Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes.
~ Henry David Thoreau

I made it back to the thrift shop for a used t-shirt shopping marathon!  It got off to a shaky start, as 99% of the knit shirts I was finding in the women's "blouse" section had side seams.  I was getting worried...  :(

But then I noticed the that men's section of the store had a subsection that was actually labeled "T-Shirts."  And, as a bonus, these shirts were only $1.50 each (vice the $3.50 being charged per "blouse.")

A surprisingly large number of the t-shirts had side seams (maybe 50%) - but I was patient and ended up with these 22 shirts:  

All for under $35!  That's enough for seven rag rugs!  

My only complaint is that the men's t-shirt section was kind of low on pink...  :(


  1. That is because they wear the pink t-shirts out!

    1. Oh, so THAT explains it... ;)
      Funny, Lynn, but my husband had a slightly different explanation... ;)

  2. Procion dye works really well on all cotton material and comes in pink!

    1. Thanks for the pointer, Ruth - I've never tried dyeing fabric but I will definitely pick up some white t-shirts and dye them pink! :)