Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Color Mixes - Part 3

Purplish-brown?  Let's agree it
is a color so bad we all flee it.
It has no good use
so let's name it Puce
from the sound we make when we see it.  
~ Darby Bannard

I tried to use my color combination app while I was shopping, but I couldn't figure out how - so I ended up just buying lots of shirts in a variety of colors.  

Then, when I got home, I cut one sleeve off each shirt and spread them out on a table and used the app to come up with combinations.  Here are the last two combinations that I assembled:  

Combination #1: olive green, burnt orange and navy blue

Combination  #2: Camouflage

So, I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that these aren't my favorites - I'm more of a bright color girl - but I try to remind myself that some people have different tastes and so I included these combinations for them.  :)

After all, we can only fit so many rugs in our house!  ;)

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