Monday, February 4, 2013

New Wardrobe / Sew Along Sewing Plans cont'd

As for me I will follow the path of the pink bunnies.
~ Magenta Periwinkle

Last week I showed you the 3 fabrics I have in my stash that want to become skirts.  I've also got these 5 beautiful fabrics sitting in my stash just waiting for me to turn them into tops!  :)

You may notice a slight leaning towards the pink...  ;)

Here are the patterns I'm considering:

The solid pink fabric in the upper left is a stretchy, gauzy fabric and I actually bought it WITH this pattern - thinking to make the top shown in the full size photo:

The fabric in the lower left is my first (and only - so far!) piece of Liberty of London fabric.  I am planning to make this short sleeved, princess seamed, button-up blouse:

I'm thinking that the blue-greenish piece in the middle would make another nice button-up shirt - maybe the same pattern again, or maybe one of the next two:

I can imagine the lower right fabric made up as the top in the photo of this pattern:

Not sure what to do with the upper right hand pink - any thoughts?  

Oh, and I also like this pattern - I've made it up in the semi-long sleeved version with success.  Not sure if it would work with any of these fabrics...  

So, what do you think of these tentative plans?  Which patterns would you use for these fabrics?  


  1. I'm glad to see that you're using a solid for the Simplicity 3750--I don't know if you remember the floral version that I'd made before, but I ended up having to go sleeveless because the print made it look so pioneer woman!

    I agree that the blue should be a button-up.

    1. Yikes - I definitely want to avoid the pioneer woman look! Although, I'm probably old enough to pull it off... ;)