Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Me? A Star?

"Once a king always a king, but once a knight is enough."

When I was a young girl, my parents had a small, plastic statue of a knight with this saying carved onto the base in their bedroom.  

It totally baffled me.  

I knew it was some kind of a joke.  

And I knew that it was a pun on the synonyms "knight" and "night." 

But I STILL didn't get it...  

Ah, the innocence of youth...  ;)

Anyways, speaking of "once" being enough - I am in a video.  

Now, I hate having my picture taken - so, as you can imagine, being in a video is exponentially worse...  

But Ginny, of Darling Adventures, offered me the most amazing opportunity to talk about The Original "How Much Fabric?" Reference Cards in one episode of her series of video tutorials on sewing.  

How could I say no?  

(Once I determined that Audrey Hepburn was "indisposed" and wouldn't be my stand-in...)  

Anyways, as much as I hate being in front of the camera, I think it came out okay.  

And it was a great opportunity to get to explain how to use the cards - especially the set for men's clothes, as that one is a little bit different from the others.

Ginny was wonderful!  She made me feel so welcome and comfortable!  :)

This is actually her 5th sewing video - check out her other titles:

3. First Steps - Buying and Cutting Fabric

And watch her blog (here) for new titles!  :)

Oh - but don't hold your breath for any more of me...  ;)
Once was definitely enough!  

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