Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dancin' in the Rain

So what if it drizzles
And dribbles and drips?
I'll splash in the garden.
I'll dance on the roof.
Let it rain on my skin.
It can't get in - 
I'm waterproof.
~ Shel Silverstein

While I focused primarily on making the shirt for Ana's nephew, I did squeeze in a little bit of sewing this weekend on the raincoat.  :)

I was able to attach (or is it "insert"?) the lining!  

It makes the whole thing feel so much more substantial!  

Here is the coat turned inside out - you can see that it's a pretty nice fit:  

The laminate facing was wider than the strip down the front, which sets you up for a nice finish along the bottom of the coat:  

Obviously I still need to deal with the bottom hem.

I also need to do the hems in the lining of the sleeves:

I love the unusual animal choices on this fabric!  "C" doesn't stand for "cat" on this raincoat...  

Hopefully soon I will be able to show you a picture with a little boy inside!  :)


  1. Totally cute! How did you like sewing on laminate? Did you have any problems, and did you use a Teflon foot?

    1. What?!? There's a "Teflon" foot? I have been denied critical, need-to-know information! ;)

      Thanks, Gwen - I guess it wasn't too bad - mostly it was the anxiety about putting any unnecessary holes in the fabric. I might have worried more than was called for... ;)