Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Peek Inside: Lunch Bags!

Practice safe lunch - use a condiment.
~ Anonymous

Would you like to see inside another of the sewing books that I recently purchased with my birthday gift card?  

Inspired by my recent foray into lunch bag making, I picked up this book with 25 patterns:  

The patterns included a handful of insulated lunch bags, in different styles - like the one on the cover (above) and the "executive bag" shown below:  

There were also several bags inspired by the brown paper bag lunch sack - like this one:  

and these cuties:   

I had not expected patterns for sandwich wraps: 

or snack pouches like this one:  

Here's a different one - for  your bicycle:

This bag would hold lunch plus...  

And there were a couple of drawstring patterns:  

What do you think?  Which sack would you like to carry your lunch in?  ;)

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