Thursday, October 25, 2012

Christmas Project Preview #2

All good and true book-lovers practice the pleasing and improving avocation of reading in bed...  No book can be appreciated until it has been slept with and dreamed over.
~ Eugene Field

The second requested Christmas gift from the One Yard Wonders book is the organized bed pocket:  

And here is the fabric, from Pink Chalk Fabrics, that my friend picked:  

The pattern calls for the addition of a no-stick mat, to hold the organizer securely in place under the mattress - that will be interesting...  

I could tell that this friend isn't used to sewing projects, because she was caught by surprise by the notion that she could decide how many pockets she wanted in the organizer, and the sizes of those pockets!  

Don't you just love that moment when someone's eyes get big as they realize just how much control they have with a handmade project!  :)


  1. I like the bed pocket too. In fact, I may just have to make one for myself.

    1. Hi Gwen! :)
      Good idea! I'd love to see your creation when it's done! :)