Monday, October 8, 2012

A Peek Inside: Sewing School

Think how nice it would be, when mother is busy with her sewing and mending, 
to sit beside her on a little low chair and help her 
with that big sewing basket over-flowing with work.
~ From "When Mother Lets Us Sew" by Virginia Ralston (1910)

Today's peek is inside the last sewing book that I bought with my birthday gift card - "Sewing School" by Aime Plumley and Andria Lisle.  

Who know why I got it - certainly I am not even considering the idea of offering sewing lessons to a child... ;)

Anyways, here is the book:  

The book starts with a series of basic lessons on things like threading a needle, making knots, a couple of types of stitches, etc.

Then it moves into sections with different types of projects.  Each project is illustrated with lots of clear photographs, like the initial set of lessons (shown above).  

Section #1 - Stuffed Things

An example:

Section #2: Bags, Cases, Pouches, etc.  

The book is aimed at boys too - not just girls.  

Section #3: Gifts

This picture (below) gives you a sense of the photos illustrating the instructions:  

Section #4 - Clothes and Critical Accessories such as Super Hero Arm Bands

I love skirts!!!

Section #5 - Be Green

Most of this chapter involves mending (my anathema!) but there are a couple of projects designed to make use of scraps (rather than throw them away), like this one:

Section #6 - Repairing Stuffed Animals

So, that's a peek inside the book...  

I do NOT have time to take on another long-term project like teaching Mariana (8 years old) how to sew.  

Between my full time job, Brandon's video game design lessons, my ESL class, blogging and my own sewing, I do NOT have time to take on another project...

I do NOT have time.

I do NOT have time.

Maybe if I repeat it often enough, it will stick...  ;)

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