Friday, November 15, 2013

More of A Good Thing

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!
~ Mae West

More shopping spree results from my stop at "A & E Pharmacy" in Pensacola, Florida!  

First, a yard of this Seminoles print to make a Christmas gift (car trash bag) for a friend/fan.  ;)

Another perfect Hawaiian shirt print for my husband - this one featuring state "postcards" from along Route 66:  

And one more top and skirt combination for me!  I'm envisioning a cute, little short sleeved (or sleeveless) blouse with the butterfly print and a flow-y skirt in this cotton fabric that blends from a very light orange into a very dark orange.  (I'll put the dark along the bottom, obviously.)  

Somewhere along the blended continuum, the orange color in the skirt fabric matches the orange in the butterflies in the top - so I hope those two will look good together.  :)

I seriously need to quit my job and stay home to sew and weave all day long...  Here's wishing all of you a wonderful sewing weekend!  :)


  1. Seminoles all over Florida. I have 4 FSU grads. Nice gift ideas!

    1. Hi Dorothy! I'm in a car pool with 1 Gators fan and 1 Seminole fan and oh, do the sparks fly sometimes! :)
      4 FSU grads - you must be very proud! That says a lot about your family! :)