Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mayfaire 2013

We need a festival now and again, no matter what situation we're in.
Ichirou Ohkouchi

I would have loved to hole up in my sewing room all weekend and sew, but our city held an art festival over the weekend and that sucked up Saturday pretty completely.  In the morning, the music studio where Carolyn has singing lessons had an hour on stage - she sang in two group songs:

...and had her second solo performance of her life.  She sang "In My Own Little Corner" (from Cinderella with Leslie Ann Warren) and did a wonderful job!

We went back to the festival in the evening with our dance teacher and her husband, for dancing to a live band and fireworks.  We had a lot of fun dancing - although it was mostly the hustle and the cha-cha - and we really enjoyed the band, MPIRE.  :)

The one thing that I thought was funny was that one of the leads had a small fan on stage, blowing his hair back.  It reminded me of the movie "Wayne's World" somehow, like a rock and roll parody...  ;)

Our view of the fireworks was "blocked" by an American flag - so I tried to make the best of it with my photography...

It was a special day - even if sometimes I despair of ever getting back into my sewing room again...  Sigh...      

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