Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flounces in Color

The best color in the whole world is the one that looks best on you.  
~ Coco Chanel

While I spent the majority of my sewing time last weekend working on Ana's skirt, I did manage to put in a few minutes on the 3 dresses that I am making for the daughters of my friends at work.  

I had already attached the flounce to one dress:  

Last weekend, I got the flounces basted on to the other two dresses.  First, Minnie with her white polka dots on red:  

Second, a teal flounce to accompany teal birdies on a yellow background:  

I just used the natural width of the contrasting fabric and it turned out that my flounces didn't need much gathering - they'd probably look cuter if I had started with a longer length.  

But I'm still pretty happy with them.  :)

Let's see if I can finish up these little cuties over next weekend - fingers crossed!  


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    1. Thanks, Gwen! That family is a big Disney family - I'm planning to make a Mickey shirt for the "big" brother (3 year old). :)