Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I Just Can't Say "No"... Or Can I?

Choice means saying no to one thing, so that you can say yes to another.  
~ Dan Millman

I was browsing the fabric sale at Sew, Mama, Sew! and came across this beautiful Amy Butler print (Queen Ann's Butterflies - Ruby):  

I immediately thought of Ana (who loves butterflies AND these colors) and bought some yardage for her.  I was planning to ship it off to her - hoping that maybe it would encourage her to do some sewing in Mexico.  

But I made the mistake of telling her about it (and showing it to her during a video chat) and she talked me into making the skirt for her!  

I am putty in her hands...  

You know, unlike with everyone else, when I am an unmovable rock...  ;)

I asked her to pick the pattern she wanted and she described a skirt with a waistband that sits low on the hips and has pleats.  I dug through my pattern stash and came across this pattern by Favorite Things, called Hip Skirts:   

So, I said yes to Ana - I guess that means I said no to something else - hopefully not my postmark blouse!  ;)


  1. Your heart is so big! And I suspect you're going to enjoy making a skirt for your Ana.

    1. It will be fun! She has asked for a solid color (of my choice) waistband, so I will get to go back to the store for more fabric shopping - yay! And it's an elastic waist, so the sizing won't be that critical... :)