Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It Never Rains...

Bring in ideas and entertain them royally, 
for one of them may be the king.  
~ Mark Van Doren

I've had this beautiful, pink, cotton pinstripe in my stash for a couple of years - just waiting for the right pattern to come along:  

Then, yesterday, I get my Burda Style magazine in the mail and find - not one - but THREE patterns that are all clamoring to be made up in a beautiful, pink, cotton pinstripe!  

One contender is this shirt dress.  The only thing I worry about is the vertical darts on either side of the center front - I'm not sure how well they'll work with the pinstripes...  

Another possibility in the dress category is this wrap-around summer sun dress.  The fabric is the perfect weight and I think I could keep the pinstripes lined up - although I do like the design shown here of a solid bodice and flowers in the skirt.  

Finally there is a blouse with a mandarin collar.  Unlike the model in this image, I don't really think it's a "prissy" shirt and would wear it buttoned up.  ;)

Why do ideas keep coming to the party alone, instead of bringing some free time with them?   ;)

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