Monday, April 1, 2013

Road Trip!

Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God.
~ Kurt Vonnegut

It was an unusual kind of weekend...  I drove a friend and her daughter 6 hours into Georgia, so that she could visit her son, who is incarcerated there.  She hadn't seen him for 10 months!  :(

We drove up Friday afternoon and spent 2 nights.  After visiting hours were over on Saturday, we took the 8-year-old girl to a nearby state park.

We missed the Easter egg hunt, but she enjoyed the play ground:  

The park also had a baby animal exhibit, where we got to touch many animals, including this baby alligator:

and this momma and baby turtle:

And we even went out in a canoe!  I couldn't believe how cheap it was to rent the canoe - $5 for one hour!!!

It may have been my first time visiting a prison - but it was also my friend's first time in a canoe - and she was MUCH more nervous about her first than I was about my first!  ;)

Speaking of prison, I was struck by something as I helped my friend and her daughter prepare to enter the prison.  Here are the steps: You have to be on their list.  You have to show your ID.  There is a huge list of things you can't take in with you.  You have to take off your shoes and jacket and put them in a bin and run them through an x-ray machine and then you have to walk through a metal detector.  Does this remind you of anything...???  

Say, getting on an airplane?  

Yikes!  What does this say about airline travel today?  

(Please do NOT tell me that it also reminds you of children entering their public school each morning...)  

So, while hanging around and waiting for them, I did get some shorts hemmed for another friend - but, as everyone knows, that does not count as sewing...  ;)

I hope YOU had a great sewing weekend and a Happy Easter!  :)

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