Friday, March 29, 2013

Another "Office Call" and Playing Santa

May the hair on your toes never fall out!
~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

I took my sewing machine to work today for another "office call" - a friend needed a hobbit skirt to wear to a hobbit party this weekend.  (Yes, I work with some pretty cool people!)  

Luckily, her vision was very simple - a rectangular piece of fabric wrapped around her waist, with an elastic waistband.  She had been planning to hand sew it all.  Once I ascertained that she didn't want anything fancy, I was happy to volunteer. ;)

So, I took my machine and she brought the fabric and I sewed up the side seam, added a casing around the waist for some elastic and gave it a hem - and faster than you can say "lunch break is over!" - we had a hobbit skirt!

I asked for a picture of the whole ensemble - hopefully she'll get me one that I can post next week...  :)


In further "playing Santa" news, I'm planning a visit to Mexico for Ana's birthday, and I have been doing some internet shopping for gifts to take for her youngest nieces and nephews.  Four boxes arrived in the mail today!  (Christmas for me!)

They contained:  

These four gifts for the 2-and-under crowd (3 boys, 1 girl):  

These two gifts for the two boys in the 4-5 year old range: 

And three Klutz books for the girls in the 9-12 age bracket:  

I'm still waiting on the robot-building kits for the four boys in the 10-14 year range - but once they arrive, I'm ready to go!  

The real trick, of course, will be fitting everything in a suitcase...  ;)

Here's wishing everyone a good weekend - with lots of time to sew!  :)


  1. You are such a generous person. I just filled two storage containers with toys and other "stuff" for my grandsons for Easter. I love how kids get so excited over their gifts. Makes me feel good. I suspect you do also.

    1. You are exactly right! :)
      There is nothing like seeing the unfiltered, unedited excitement and happiness of children. :)
      Happy Easter! :)

  2. Ooh, a hobbit party! How cool!

    It looks like you picked out some great gifts for the kids, too!

    1. Hey Becky! Yeah, it is pretty cool! :)
      I've got a shot of her whole outfit to go up later this week - she makes a good hobbit! :)