Friday, April 26, 2013

Birthdays Part 2

A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman's birthday, 
but never remembers her age.
~ Robert Frost

Spoiler alert:  If you work with me and have a child who is having a birthday in 2013, sometime between the months of January and December, I am about to reveal the fabric that I will be using to make a gift for that child.  

Yesterday I showed you the fabric that I'm going to use to make clothes for a brother and sister.  Today, two more A-Line dresses with bottom ruffles for two more little girls.  In a rather undiplomatic way, I'm going to tell you their ages...  ;)

First, an almost-one-year-old:  

Her mother loves blues and turquoises - so I think this will be a hit.  :)

Next, this bright batik for a very high-energy, almost-two-year-old:  

These should be lots of fun to make!  Hopefully, some day, I'll have pictures of the girls in their dresses... :)


  1. Oh, man, such great fabrics! I wanna be two!

    1. I know! I live vicariously through sewing for little girls! :)