Thursday, April 25, 2013

Birthdays Part 1

All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.
~ Walt Disney

Spoiler alert:  If you work with me and have two children having birthdays around this time of the year, this post describes what I will be making for them and includes photos of the fabric.  Continue at the risk of ruining your surprise.  ;)

I've been so good this year about sewing from my stash, rather than buying more fabric - but a bunch of my friends' kids are having birthdays and so I decided to go on a spree and get fabric to make each one something special.

They are young enough that they don't yet experience the feeling of being gypped when they get home-sewn clothes, instead of expensive toys, as a birthday gift.  I figured I should enjoy that while it lasts!  ;)

One friend has a son turning three and a daughter turning one.  This family loves Disney World, so I thought I'd use that as the theme for the fabric.  I'll be making the little boy a Hawaiian shirt with this Mickey fabric:  

And the little girl an A-Line dress with a (solid pink) bottom ruffle, using this Minnie fabric:  

Aren't they cute?  I'm looking forward to getting started on these!  :)

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