Monday, March 18, 2013

Tying Up Some Loose Ends

It is the loose ends with which men hang themselves.
~ Zelda Fitzgerald

Sadly, my weekend wasn't as productive as I would have liked.  I didn't feel great...  

But I did tie up two loose ends.  First, I finished the pink Snoopy A-Line dress - I'll try to have some pictures of the little girl modeling it soon.  As you may remember, the fabric had been a Valentine's Day gift from her mother, and her mother's reaction when she saw the dress was - Oh, that was supposed to be fabric for you to make yourself something!  

Now, I'll wear some pretty "young" prints - but even I draw the line at Snoopy delivering valentines...  ;)

Here's a scary thought - maybe the fact that I actually have a line isn't apparent to the people who have seen me dress...  Yikes!  :(

Second, some folks mentioned that they couldn't play our Valentine's Day project recording of "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" originally posted here last Monday. So, I did some "research" (i.e., a Google search) and found some alternative ways to try to let you all hear it.  

No, no...  No need to thank me!  ;)

A BIG shout-out and thank-you to Don James for this amazing 3-part tutorial that showed me how to do all this!





I hope that at least ONE of these works for you.  I know you all were just dying to hear it!  ;)

I'm bummed that I didn't get to start another sewing project, NOR did I make it to the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo, which was here in Lakeland over the weekend...  Hopefully, I'll have a little more pep next weekend...  And I hope that you had a wonderful sewing weekend.  :)


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    1. Thanks, Claire. I'm not feeling any better today - think I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow... :(