Thursday, April 3, 2014

Some Favorite Mexico Pictures: Part 4

The ache for "home" lives inside all of us, 
to be able to return to our safe place
and not have to be stressed and burdened by the world.  
~ Jose N. Harris

One day last week, we visited the village where Ana and all of her older brothers and sisters had been born.  (The family moved away when Ana was four years old.)

Apparently they usually just walk to this village.  Ana told me that it takes about 90 minutes (each way!).  But, out of consideration for me, Ana arranged for someone to take us on a motorcycle - it took 2 trips to get me, Ana and two of her young nieces there.  (And then 2 more trips to get us back.)

I managed to get a nice 2nd degree burn on my ankle from the motorcycle's exhaust system.  (At least that took my mind off the sunburn!)

Here is Ana with an old and dear family friend from the village:

Here, Ana decides it's a good idea to load herself and her nieces into a boat of unknown ownership and unknown sea-worthiness and, using sticks, push it into the middle of a river.  

I volunteered to stay on shore - you know, so that I could get a good picture...  ;)

But the highlight of the trip was when Ana got to visit the house that she had been born in:  

There is another family living there now, but they let her stand in the doorway and pose for this picture.  She doesn't remember living there, but was really excited to get to visit it.  :)

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