Monday, April 28, 2014

Christmas Sewing Finished! ;)

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
~ Alexander Pope

Last week was kind of rough at work, and I ended up crashing on Friday and sleeping the day away.  Somehow that made a big difference in my weekend - instead of feeling rushed and stressed and overwhelmed, I was amazed to discover that (for the first time in forever) I had enough time and energy to get into my sewing room.  

Where - finally! - I finished the second of my husband's (Christmas) Hawaiian shirts:  

I had to insert the sleeves, sew the side seams, hem it and then do the buttonholes and buttons - less than 2 hours worth of work.  (Although, lint-brushing all the cat fur off the fabric added a good 10 minutes to the effort...)  

The fabric theme is Route 66 and it is covered with vintage-esque postcards from states along the road.  We've driven several sections of the road during our trips out west, so it has a special meaning for us and he loves the shirt.  :)

It's funny how I didn't accomplish anything (except sleeping) on Friday, but my two-day weekend (Saturday and Sunday) seemed so much more leisurely than it usually does.  Man, I really want to switch to a 32-hour work week...  

As for getting into the sewing room, nothing motivates me like a commitment and a deadline, and on Saturday a friend asked me if I could make a skirt for her AND a dress for her daughter - in time for a party on May 31st!  

Keeping in mind that we've got our big Peru trip between now and then, only an idiot would have agreed...  

Ooops...  ;(

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