Friday, February 7, 2014

On Baby Geniuses

Genius inspires resentment.  A sad fact of life.  
~ Eoin Colfer

One of my favorite things - a picture of a beautiful "baby" (~ 20 months) girl modeling one of the skirts that I made for her:  

Her mom shared this story with me recently: 

She was "reading" a book [basically she has the lines for each page memorized because we read the book 2-3 times a day] and I told her she was a baby genius. To which she replied, "Me baby genius - Yep!  Mommy baby genius - Yep! Daddy baby genius - Nope!"   
LOL.  Daddy was not thrilled about that...  

Note that I am not calling her a genius because she has memorized one (or more!) of her story books.  

I'm calling her a genius because she has already recognized the correlation between genius and gender!  ;)

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