Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Okay, Where Are My 60 Hours of Sewing Time?

Reaching a goal is like growing out your bangs.  
It gets ugly and sometimes you want to give it all up.  
But someday it will all be worth it.  
~ Unknown

So, I got started on my workbook - organizing my sewing projects over the weekend...  

There is a place to sketch each project, but sketching really isn't my thing, so I got some clear envelopes and double-sided tape and added an envelope on each page.  My idea is to put a scrap of fabric and a printed mini-image of the front of the pattern envelope inside - to provide a quick, visual reminder of each project.  

I put the envelopes in sideways - with the flap taped to the page and a strong crease to keep the envelope laying up against the page.  

I cut my scraps - which always scares me, because I'm afraid that the 1 inch square I cut will be aligned in some critical place on the fabric and interfere with me cutting out the pattern.  ;)

I still need to print mini-versions of each sewing pattern envelope to slide in with the corresponding fabrics.  

I'm hoping the book will serve 2 purposes - an easy and quick source that I can flip through, when it's time to pick out the project that I want to do next.  And a place to store my notes of (a) any needed supplies for the project and (b) any notes from earlier attempts with the pattern.

I suppose I could even, eventually, add photos of finished projects, to help spark even more memories...  

Anyways, I think I put about 60 minutes into the workbook so far - which means that I should have gained 60 hours of sewing time!  What I want to know is - where is it?  ;)

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