Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chasing the "Organized" Dream

For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.  
~ Anonymous

I don't know if that quote is true or not (man, I hope it is!), but I do know that my project queue is completely out of control and browsing through my fabric and pattern stash involves way too many seemingly-new discoveries and not nearly enough recent memories...  

So, when I saw a notebook that had been designed specifically to help get your sewing projects organized, I jumped on it!  

It arrived in the mail this week and I am so excited to get started filling it in!  :)

The bulk of the notebook has project pages - with a spot to sketch the garment - although I'll probably attach a photocopy of the pattern envelope and a fabric swatch instead - and then lines to record all the relevant details - including the notions that you'll use, the modifications you make to the pattern, your happiness (or lack thereof) with the outcome and thoughts should you want to use the pattern again.  

In other words, they are the kind of pages that last through the lifetime of a project - from planning to execution to the post-project debrief (or "lessons learned" as we say at work.)  

At the end of the notebook there are some additional pages, where you can keep track of assorted sewing-related things - your pattern collection, dates of needle changes, etc.  

Okay, let's be honest - does a person actually need to buy this notebook?  Couldn't you just get a loose leaf binder, fill it with college ruled notebook paper and make one yourself?

Yeah, you probably could.  

But I never have.  

As much as I needed to organize my projects, I never sat down and tried to put together my own notebook...  

And, even if I feel kind of foolish admitting it, having this beautiful notebook with these perfect pages just waiting for me, inspires me to snip swatches and photocopy pattern envelopes and make a master list of my queue - one that I can flip through for inspiration and use to track my progress...  :)

You can read more about the notebook on the blog of the woman who designed it, Beth Byrge, here: 110 Creations

And you can order it here:  lulu

I'll have filled in pages for you to see soon!  :)


  1. Interesting....for now I think I'll start off with a composition notebook. I want to start tracking my use of my stash. I joined the RTW and stash buster challenge! Take care!

  2. Hey Tee! Good luck with your stash busting! I really need to do that! Although, of course, this week I came up with a new idea that will require buying lots more fabric! ;)