Monday, October 14, 2013

Road Trip

It was a shack, somewhere out on the outskirts of the Plains town of Scrote. 
Scrote had a lot of outskirts, spread so widely - a busted cart here, 
a dead dog there - that often people went through it without even 
knowing it was there, and really it only appeared on the maps
because cartographers get embarrassed about big empty spaces.
~ Terry Pratchett

I drove a friend up to mid-nowhere Georgia over the weekend.  

Here are some scenes from the Georgia High Tech Corridor:  

What do you think this place was?   Maybe it's a movie theater owned by a person named Gene, who never left Georgia but always wanted to see his name on the marquee...  

And for those who never leave Georgia, but dream of seeing the Statue of Liberty...  

It was a little sad - so many businesses closed...  

Everything went smoothly, but I'm really glad to be home!  

I'm off work today - Columbus Day - maybe I can squeeze in some sewing after I catch up on my weekend chores...  

I hope you all had a wonderful sewing weekend!  :)

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