Tuesday, December 18, 2012

More Gift Ideas

The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.  
~ Charles Dudley Warner

So, you know all that exhausting "research" I've been doing to create my four holiday countdown give-away packages?    ;)

It turns out that this may be a heretofore undiscovered talent of mine, because not only did I come up with ideas for my 4 packages, but I came up with LOTS of other ideas for gift packages for people who sew!  

I thought I'd share some of the ideas that I am not using for my give-away.  

Okay, this post is not really for YOU.  This post is for someone who loves you and is wondering what to get you for Christmas.  So either forward the link or print it out, do some selective highlighting and pass it over to that person.  Then sit back and let the sewing gifts roll in!  ;)

Gift of Learning
There are lots of ways to put together a package of learning.  Obviously you could start with a sewing book or two.  It turns out that many popular options are available on amazon.com in the neighborhood of $20-$30, including: 

Speaking of PatternReview - you could throw in a Friend of PR membership ($30) and maybe an online class or two...  Online classes at PR tend to run in the $50 - $75 range and classes on Craftsy.com tend to run in the $20 - $50 range - but both sites have specials.

Gift of Finishing Touches

Why not put together a collection of some pretty rolls of ribbon, packages of ric rac and bias tape, packages of elastic in different widths, some Velcro  a set of hook and eyes, a selection of fun buttons AND a set of personalized labels?  

Gift of Cutting

Maybe some combination of dressmaker shears, snips, a rotary cutter (don't forget an extra blade!), pinking shears, a cutting mat and an organizer to hold them all...  

Gift of Measuring

You could always put together a set of clear plastic rulers in variety of shapes and sizes, a measuring tape, a seam gauge, a flexible ruler and some french curves - all in a ruler organizer.  

Gift of Pressing

Do you have a nice steam iron?  What about all those other pressing tools?  Like a ham, a seam roll, an ironing board cover, tailoring board, sleeve ironing board, etc.

Gift of Pattern Drafting

There are some great books on pattern drafting - but be warned, they tend to be more expensive than the sewing books mentioned above!  Of course, you'd want to combine this with some french curves, marking pens and tracing paper.  Another possibility in this category is a Lutterloh kit...  

Gift of Thread
How about a collection of assorted colors of all purpose thread, some wooly nylon thread and a thread spool rack?  

Gift of Notions

A seam ripper, a seam gauge, a point turner, a loop turner, marking pencils, pens and/or chalk, a bias tape maker, a bound buttonhole maker...  What else would go into a notions package?  

So, what do you think?  Do any of these gifts appeal to you?  What sewing gifts would you love to get for Christmas this year?  What gifts are you giving to your sewing friends?  :)


P.S. - Don't forget to sign up for the third of my four weekly holiday give-aways here.  The theme is "Pattern Magazines" and the package contains a one year gift subscription to a pattern magazine of your choice, 10 yards of Swedish tracing paper and a seam allowance guide!  

Check back Friday to see if you've won, and to sign up for the third give-away!  All give-aways are open internationally.  :)

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