Friday, January 30, 2015


Esther always avoided asking questions of Lydley,
who found an answer as she found a key,
by pouring out a pocketful of miscellanies.
~ George Eliot

"So, Gwen, how was your trip to see Ana in Mexico last weekend?"

(The sound of someone rustling in her pocket...)  

Ana by the fountain outside of our hotel

The hotel pool

Weaving by the pool

Typical street scene

Art work on display along the street

Hand painted ceramic tiles

The sun and the moon

The classic Spider man piggy bank - didn't we all have one as a child?

Dia de los muertos hand painted skulls


Hand woven birds

Ah!  Here it is: 

"We had a great time!  Thanks for asking!"  ;)


Speaking of weaving, I haven't started weaving any key fobs yet, but the other folks on the Ravelry site have been gorgeously productive!  

Check out the work of the moderator, Laverne Waddington:

Aren't they beautiful?  

I can't wait to finish my second panel and start working on a key fob or two!  :)

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