Monday, January 19, 2015


Heaven can be found in the most unlikely corners.  
~ Mitch Albom

In the week after I gave Mariana her sewing machine, she made three tote bags - one of which she proudly carried to my house last Saturday.  :)

It was her own "pattern."  She aligned two rectangles, right sides together, and stitched three sides.  She turned it right side out and added a fabric strap.  

Okay, it was a bit raggedy and wouldn't hold much weight without ripping - but she did it herself!  She had the idea.  She reasoned out a pattern.  She applied the right-sides-together process that we used on the pillows.  It was awesome!  :)

It made me so happy to see that she was excited and motivated to sew!

So, I promptly forgot about my plans to weave and spent Saturday morning showing her how to sew a lined bag.

We took pictures of each step on her cell phone, so that she could refer to them and recreate the process by herself at home.  (Gotta love technology!)

I showed her the process that I worked out to make small, lined bags to hold my "How Much Fabric?" reference cards - with these differences:

  1. We used much larger pieces of fabric.
  2. We added handles, instead of the elastic loop and button closure.
  3. We used a heavy duty, canvas-like fabric for the lining.  

Here are pictures illustrating the process:  

Her patience, attention to detail and understanding are amazing - especially for a 10 year old!  

She loves her new bag!  

And then I took her to Joann's and let her pick out more bag fabric.  ;)

I can't wait to see what she does with it!  :)

I think it's official.  I have a sewing friend!  :)

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