Monday, December 22, 2014

The Next Generation of Weaving Seamstresses

Once there was a seamstress who could weave fabric from feeling.  
She sewed gowns of delight: sheer, sparkling, sleek.  
She cut cloth out of ambition and ardor, idyll and industry.
~ Marie Rutkoski

Two months ago, give or take, Mariana decided that she wanted to make a potholder purse.  We sketched a plan and calculated that she would first need to weave 10 potholders on her little loom.

The following weekend, I inquired into her progress and she had only done one.

The following weekend, no more...

And so, after asking for a time, I figured she had let the project slip by the wayside (to join many of mine!) and we would not be making a potholder purse together...

Then, on Saturday, she surprised me by announcing that she had completed ALL TEN potholders!

And so we sewed.  :)

Here is the front view, with the flap raised up:

Here is the back view:

When it came to lining her purse, she couldn't decide between Perry the Platypus and Minnie Mouse - a dilemma that I think all of us have struggled with at one time or another in our lives! - and so we used one panel of each.  ;)

You can judge for yourself, but I think you'll agree that it was a success:

Man, I SO want to buy her a sewing machine for Christmas...  

I hope you are feeling ready for, and looking forward to, your holidays!  

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