Monday, November 17, 2014

Sandwiching in Some Sewing

I gave him my best cryptic smile.  
He did not fall down to his feet, kiss my shoes, 
and promise me the world.  
I must be getting rusty.
~ Ilona Andrews

I took a break from my weaving to pop into the sewing room for a quick project - a fabric advent calendar.  :)

I used a fabric panel that I picked up in Wales a couple of years ago, when we were hiking along the coast:  

The fabric panel included this beautiful, train-themed background...

...and a set of pockets to be cut out and stitched to the background.  

The fabric panel is thin, so I decided to make a quilt-sandwich, with batting in the middle.  I raided my stash and found this pink flannel with kittens wearing Santa Claus hats for the back:  

"What?," you're thinking, "that doesn't match at all with the train theme!"  

Not to worry.  

It turns out that my quilt-sandwich-making skills are a little rusty and that cute pink flannel...

... is now snugly sandwiched between the advent calendar and the batting!  ;)

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