Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Rainbow Warp

Life is a choice; you can live in black and white,
or you can live in colour.
~ Karen Marie Moning

Remember how I am having an ergonomic bench made for my backstrap weaving?  And how the instructions include sewing fabric to cover a foam cushion for the seat?  

And how I decided to weave the fabric to make the cover?  

And, by "decided", I mean was swept away on a whim...  ;)

Well, I picked out five rainbow-ish colors and started preparing my warp!  

The pattern I am going to try is to weave horizontal bars, like these (from Laverne's blog on backstrap weaving):

So, going from left to right, I will have a series of narrow, vertical bands in the five colors (purple, yellow, orange, blue and green) and then a "ladder" of horizontal stripes that alternate between purple and yellow.  That's what you can see in the threads above.  Finally, on the right side, I'll put a set of symmetrical narrow bands in the same five colors, in reverse order.  

If you are thinking that my photo above looks way too narrow to cover a bench seat, then you are right!  It is one half of one piece of fabric - and I will need to weave four of these pieces and sew them together, in order to complete this fabric...  

Of course, I have to finish the narrow black purse band before I can start weaving even the first of these pieces in these beautiful colors!  :)

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