Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Everyone is Entitled to My Own Opinion

My opinions may have changed, 
but not the fact that I'm right.  
~ Ashleigh Brilliant

Have you taken the survey on the Coletterie web site?  Sarai and Rachel are designing a new forum and they would like to know what we like and don't like about the other sewing and crafting web sites we visit.  

The survey goes through a bunch of popular web sites (think: Pattern Review, BurdaStyle, etc.) and, for each one, they ask some questions about how often you visit and contribute to that site, what you gain from that site (inspiration? knowledge? friends?) and what things you like and don't like about that site.  

It took me a fair bit longer than the projected five minutes - but that is because I was familiar with almost every web site they asked about and I took the time to write out additional (optional) comments about each site.  

In addition to hopefully helping them design a totally awesome new forum(!), I found it really interesting to think about why I spend more time on some sites than on others...  

(And, of course, being the data nerd that I am, I'd really love to see a summary of their results!)

So, what would your perfect forum look like?  Are there any particular things that you just love about a particular existing site?  Any pet peeves?  

Next week, I'll summarize any comments left here and tell you the things that jumped out at me when I thought about my experiences on assorted sites.  

And regardless of whether or not you leave a comment here, if you have some opinions, click on over and fill out their survey - it's not often we get to help design a resource for ourselves from the ground up!  :)


  1. I filled out the survey and I was hoping this means they will be setting up a forum. I would love it!

    1. Hey, Karen - I agree! I'm really looking forward to seeing what direction they decide to go - asking for input like this is always a good idea! :)