Friday, August 9, 2013

City Adventure

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
~ Augustine of Hippo

We spent the morning of our last day exploring the town of Campeche - apparently a typical harbor town during the Spanish colonial period.  There are narrow streets and historic buildings:

Remnants of the fortified walls designed to protect the inhabitants from pirates:

There were also a number of pieces of art work by Jose Luis Cuevas (I'm pretty sure this is the right artist) along the side walks.

There is also a cathedral built in the 16th century.  According to our guide, Catholic churches have 1 tower, cathedrals have 2 towers and basilicas have 4 towers.  

It is beautiful and was especially moving for Ana, who is a devout Catholic.  In this photo you can see Ana and Michelle sitting in one of the front pews:  

It was a wonderful trip!  The kids were really well-behaved - there was no bickering or whining or complaining the entire time.  The places we visited were awesome!  In a few years, when the next batch of Ana's nieces and nephews reach the age of 12 or more, we're looking forward to planning another Mexican adventure...  ;)

I'll leave you with this group photo in front of the cathedral:  

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