Friday, July 5, 2013

Melting Pot?

America, it has been observed, is not really a melting pot. It is actually a huge potluck dinner, in which platters of roasted chicken beckon beside casseroles of pasta, mounds of tortillas, stew pots of gumbo, and skillets filled with pilafs of every imaginable color..
~ Andrea Chesman

Our house-guest/foster-teen made a special meal for us recently.  

Home made flour tortillas:  

Shaped by expert hand:

Baking sheet?  It will do:  

When she saw me taking this picture, she made me wait until she found the perfect tortilla for the top of the stack:  

The fillings - red beans, cheese and avocado:  

The final masterpiece!  :)

No news yet on a more permanent place for her, but everything here is going smoothly, with periodic forays into deliciousness such as above.  :)

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