Sunday, June 30, 2013

Truly In Over My Head...

Courage is the art of being the only one 
who knows you're scared to death.
~ Harold Wilson

Sorry I've been "incommunicado" for such a long time.  My natural instincts and impulses have led me onto shaky ground and I'm hoping it is only temporary...  

This young woman (17.5 years old) from Honduras attended 2 of my ESL classes and thus had my name and phone number.  A little more than one week ago I received a frantic phone call from social services - her father had been put in jail and they did not have any Spanish-speaking adults with whom they could place her.  She had given them my information - could we take her in?  

When I talk about this in the abstract, it seems like I must have had two choices - to say yes or to say no.  But at the time, when she was on the phone with me crying and begging me not to abandon her, it didn't feel like there was any choice at all.  

She's been here for over a week and, on the surface, everything is going smoothly.  But the responsibility is weighing heavily on me and I desperately want to find a good Catholic, Hispanic family who can take her in for the last few months before her 18th birthday.  I've enlisted the help of many of my ESL students and I have hope that we will find someone soon.  

Please keep us in your thoughts...  Thank you.  


  1. Aw, mannn ... I'm sending hugs your way.

    1. Thanks, Mary! It was pretty scary at first, but we're adjusting. :)

  2. Oh, wow-- I hope you can find a living situation that works for both of you soon!

    1. Thanks, Becky! We're adjusting and finding our way, one day at a time...