Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Stick a Fork in Him - Mickey's Done!

The principle is simple: fun, joy, and happiness, are something we bring to life, 
not something life, circumstance, or situation bring to us. 
There are truly no magic kingdoms, only magic people.
Fun, joy and happiness are choices, orientations, approaches, attitudes, 
a way of living in the world, not the world itself...
~ David W. Jones

I'm helping advertise for Mickey, so it's only fair that he promotes me too!  ;)

Given that I complained about the style of the front facing, I thought I should show the result - in this inside-out photo you can see how the facing goes along the collar as far as the shoulder seam:  

I am reasonably pleased with the shape of the collar, but I didn't have enough fabric to allow for a strategic pattern piece placement relative to the design on the fabric.  (I used my "How Much Fabric?" reference cards to buy the fabric, but ended up using a pattern that was several sizes larger than the boy's current size, so I was happy to have enough fabric at all!)  

Another look at the inside - this of the facing and bottom hem:  

And here is the full reveal:  

Oh, I have to say that I loved working with a striped fabric - those lines made it so much easier to cut and stitch in a straight line!  ;)

As with all of the clothes that I make for my friends' children, the shirt is going to be too big right now.  Hopefully I've timed things right so that this shirt fits the boy around the same time as the Minnie Mouse dress fits his little sister...  

Wouldn't that be a miracle?  ;)

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