Thursday, November 8, 2012

Michelle's Close-Ups

When I have a camera in my hands I feel happy.  
I feel like I am learning something...  I can be someone.
~ Suchitra at Kids With Cameras

Not all of the kids enjoyed having their pictures taken.  One young girl (~12 years old), in particular, preferred to be behind the lens.  I let her borrow my camera for most of the day and here are some of my favorites of her images:  

I told Michelle that, in the United States, when someone takes good photographs, we say that person has "a good eye."  I told her that she has a good eye.

And then I said that her other eye wasn't too bad either...  ;)

I got a laugh with that one.  :)

Later, however, she topped me - her mother asked all of the children if they had thanked me for their gifts and I said that they had thanked me, about 100 times.  Michelle piped up, "Yes, if you take away the 2 zeros..."

I guess I should add that she has a quick wit along with her good eye!  :)


  1. She really does have a good eye. Does she have a camera of her own?


    1. Hi Ellen,
      No, she doesn't have a camera - I really want to get her one... It's just a question of what to do about her 4 brothers and sisters, not to mention the 10 or so cousins that live in close proximity... Plus the complete lack of any method of printing the pictures in her community... But I'm thinking about how to handle it all! :)