Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Plan

Adventure is just bad planning.
~ Roald Amundsen

Whenever things aren't going the way we expected and we are feeling a bit anxious, my husband and I look at each other and say, in exaggeratedly cheerful voices, "It's an adventure!"  The laugh that follows often helps break a bit of the tension.  So, while adventures can definitely be good things, I can relate to the quote above...  ;)

Anyways, I have an approximate plan for my next backstrap weaving project - I'd like to make a bag to store and carry my loom and half-woven projects.  I'm thinking to try a very simple design - just two panels, separate casings for drawstrings along the top edge of each panel, stitched together along the sides and bottom.  Something like this:  

I'm incorporating three new components to my weaving to make this bag.  First, I am using thinner yarn than before.  Second, I'm adding vertical stripes of different yarns, instead of one continuous warp.  Here you can see my plan for the stripes - my colors are blue, black and white:  

Finally, on the front panel only, I am going to overlay a design made with yellow embroidery floss on the middle, blue section.  I haven't sorted out what pattern yet...  Something geometric is possible (and traditional)...  But maybe I'll do something semi-realistic, like outlines of butterflies and/or flowers...  

I'm off to a slightly shaky start - my order of yarn came in the mail yesterday and it wasn't nearly enough!  Yikes!  :(

Apparently I should have done some calculations before haphazardly ordering a handful of skeins of yarn.  

So, now I'm awaiting another shipment of yarn AND mentally adjusting to the fact that I can no longer pat myself on the back for how inexpensive my loom bag project is...  ;)

Let's see if I have any more "adventures!" in store for me on this project...  

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