Tuesday, August 19, 2014


People never notice anything.
~ J. D. Salinger

Well, I'm falling seriously in love with my backstrap loom!  As soon as I finished weaving my backstrap, I started a second project - a guitar strap for my husband.  

I stuck with a plain weave - but I used a variegated yarn in colors that he likes - blues, green and yellow.  

Here's a shot from my view during the actual weaving process:  

Isn't it cool how the colors in the yarn lined up to make those little bars - almost like frets on a guitar!  

I did the whole project in maybe 5 hours - spread across 2 evenings during the week and Saturday morning.

I wove it in the family room - my husband was in and out of that room many times - sitting on the sofa reading a book, watching TV, using his tablet, etc.  

Thank heavens he never asked me what I was weaving!  

There was a bit of sewing involved - attaching the woven strap to the "hardware."  

It came out shorter than I had expected - there was "take up" - which means that the lengths of yarn in the warp get shorter because they have to go around the weft threads.  But, overall I'm really happy with it.  

And happy that - despite the fact that I wove it right under his nose, so to speak - it came as a complete surprise to my husband!  And he loves it!  

Next up - I'm going to weave a simple bag to hold my loom sticks.  I'll be using a thinner yarn, adding vertical stripes and a supplementary weft pattern - a bunch of weaving terms, I know.  But hopefully I can show you what they all mean.  :)

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