Wednesday, June 11, 2014


We may even find out why the duck-billed platypus.*
* Not why it is anything.  Just why it is.  
~ Terry Pratchett

Okay, I'm still on the topic of making shirts for Ana's nephews, and this particular fabric choice may be a mistake...  

But let me back up.  The specific reason that I'm going all the way to Mexico for some graduations is that the oldest of Ana's graduating nephews, Fredi (pictured here on the far left) - graduating from "la secondaria" - asked me to be his "madrina" - which means "godmother" but is, in this case, a role associated with school, not the church.  

It's a big honor to be asked - but it does require attending the graduation ceremony.  (And I've probably set a precedent by saying yes, which means that I may end up attending a lot more of these ceremonies in the future...)  

Anyways, he expressed interest in my ability to sew clothes the last time I was there - which gave me the idea to make him a shirt.  

Of course, I'm also giving him a tablet - I want to be one of the cool madrinas!  ;)

As I wandered around Joann's, I was really struggling with what fabric to buy for his shirt.  (Finally!  We're back to the topic of fabric!)  

He is a laid-back, easy going, goodnatured young man - someone you just enjoy hanging out with.  He has a good sense of humor and never seems to get bent out of shape about anything.  He loved playing video games on my tablet last March.  And so, when I saw this fabric...  

I bought it. 

(And I got the corresponding game installed on his tablet.)  

Part of me thinks (hopes!) that he'll get a kick out of it and enjoy the humor in wearing it.  

And another part of me is a bit worried...  It's not suave or sophisticated or macho.  

It's definitely a risky choice.  

I may end up changing my mind and making him a shirt in a different fabric.  But this is what I have now, and I have already cut out the pieces, so, we'll see...  


  1. Oh, go with the fabric! I think he'll appreciate it more than a "suave and cool" one!

    1. Hi Karren,
      I hope you are right, because at this point, I don't think I have time to change my plans! Fingers crossed...
      All the best,