Monday, June 17, 2013


I went to a restaurant that serves "breakfast at any time" so I ordered 
French toast during the Renaissance.
~ Steven Wright

It seems like ever since I finally got over a nasty sinus infection, all I've been doing is eating in restaurants...  

First, as my ESL semester wraps up, I'm taking each student out to eat at a nice restaurant in town.  The event is half exercise and half celebration.  They have to call and make our reservation over the phone in English.  They have to order in English.  And we are supposed to spend the meal talking in English - although sometimes we slip into Spanish...  ;)

Here is Saturday breakfast with Hilda:  

And Sunday brunch with Cristina:  

I am regularly amazed by the life stories of many of my students - one or two years of school when they were quite young and then pulled out to work and help support the family at age 7, 8 or 9...  Moving to the United States to try to give their children better lives; working two jobs so that their children can go to college; dreaming of going back to school one day to earn a GED...  

NEVER let me say that my life has been difficult...  

Now, my other restaurant experience last weekend was quite a bit rowdier - here are some of my dining companions:  

It was a friend's stepson's 7th birthday and his first ever "real" birthday party - you know, with friends, a theme, at a special place, etc.  

He was pretty happy!  

He won lots of tickets in the game room at the pizza parlor...  

...and loved his presents - especially his new Hot Wheels track!  ;)

Each meal was special in its own way.  :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  :)


  1. que bueno que se la allan pasado bien

  2. que buena vida que después de una fuerte infección te la pases comiendo en restaurantes. se ve muy feliz doña cris eso me alegra muchisimo, y ese actividad que les pones me encanta, eres realmente increible

    1. Thanks, Ana! I love my meals with my ESL students - I really like getting to know each one personally. I am so proud of them and so lucky to have each one in my life. I wish we had done our lunch the summer that you went to my class...