Thursday, February 26, 2015

Our Little Secret...

If you want to keep a secret,
you must also hide it from yourself.
~ George Orwell

I decided to do one more weaving project before I returned to working on the panels to cover my weaving bench seat cushion - a guitar strap for a friend of mine.  He asked for red and black.  

I played with an online pattern generator (here) to come up with this plan:  
I set up a warp to do this pattern, and discovered that it was too narrow - so I added some extra red and black warps on either side of this pattern.  

Then, I started weaving!  

Here's how it is coming out:  

I guess you could say that it bears some resemblance to my plan, in that it does contain red, black and white yarn...  ;)

Here's the thing - I think that my best bet at this point, is to just not show anyone else what my original plan looked like...  

So, can it be our little secret?  ;)

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