Monday, July 21, 2014

Coming Up for Air

...there are often many things we feel we should do that, 
in fact, we don't really have to do.  
Getting to the point where we can tell the difference is 
a major milestone in the simplification process.  
~ Elaine St. James

I can't believe that the last few weeks are finally over and I survived...  

At least, I think I survived...  ;)

In the space of three weeks I had TWO international trips (in-and-outs), a week-long visit from in-laws, and I needed to finish weaving seven rag rugs and sewing four hawaiian shirts.  That's all on top of a massive work project that had me working evenings and weekends...  

Oh, and I've had this nagging cough that just will NOT go away.  

Have you ever faced one of those times when you are completely overwhelmed - but giving up (or even slowing down) is just not an option and, through sheer force of will you manage to keep yourself upright and moving forward towards a particular deadline?  

Of course, once that date passes, all bets are off.  ;)

That's me right now.  I finished the shirts in time.  I finished the rugs in time.  My in-laws are still speaking to me.  Both trips accomplished the desired objectives (1. accompany a minor child back to the States to reunite her with her family and 2. serve as godmother for a young man graduating from "la secondaria").  

And the major work event went reasonably well...  

...well, at least, the problems weren't my fault.  ;)

And I never want to leave the house again.  

Why do I need to leave the house?  

I can order patterns and fabric online and have it delivered.  

My main take-away from this last month of chaos is that I NEED to learn how to say no - for the sake of my health and my sanity.  I need to re-think my commitments and scale back to something that is sustainable...  I can't keep going on like this...  :(


Well, I didn't mean for this whole post to be a downer, so how about some pictures from the graduation ceremony?  In Mexico, each child selects an adult of the opposite sex to be his or her "godparent" at each school graduation.  Ana's nephew, Fredi, asked me to be his "madrina" (godmother) for his graduation from "la secondaria" - which roughly corresponds to our grades 7-9.  

Here is his graduating class:  

Here is my (handsome!) godson, Fredi:  

The family picture - Fredi between his father and his mother, his younger sister (with his dad) and younger brother (between me and his mom) and me.  Oh, and his cousin (who graduated from kindergarten and is going to "la primeria" next Fall) decided to join us in the picture.  

Finally, me and Fredi:  

If I hadn't been so stressed and so sick, it would have been an absolutely wonderful trip - the whole one full day that I was there...  I am proud of Fredi and it was definitely an honor to be asked to be his godmother.  His big sister has asked my husband to be her godfather next year, when she graduates from "la prepa" - which is roughly equivalent to our grades 10-12 - so he'll be getting his taste of this experience soon!  


  1. I don't think your post is a downer. Learning to scale back is difficult. I went through this myself for different reasons, and it's not something that is easy to do. And for you a lot of it comes from the (kind and awesome) impulse to help others. In a long run, though, having something something sustainable is important for your help to be effective. I hope you work out the best way to keep your priorities and keep your health and sanity as well.

    1. Thanks, Myrosia. I'm glad you were able to make it work in your life - I hope I can find a way to make it work in mine...