Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Our house is clean enough to be healthy,
and dirty enough to be happy.  
~ Author Unknown

So, most of our weekend was filled cleaning our pool and lanai -  in preparation for the start of our monthly summer pool parties! - but I did manage to get a little bit of time bonding with my sewing machine...

I'm in a car pool with three other women - one of whom is a major Gators fan and the other of whom (a relatively recent addition to our car pool) is a major Seminoles fan.  I made the Gators fan a Gators "not ugly car trash bag" (from One Yard Wonders) as a Christmas gift in 2012, and it has been driving the Seminole fan crazy to have to look at it every time she rides in the back seat of that car.  

(And there may have been some gloating, on the part of the Gator fan...)

So this weekend I whipped up another "not ugly car trash bag"

I'm happy with how the images on the front pocket line up with the fabric of the main panel, but I was less happy with my treatment of the binding - why do I still have trouble getting bias binding attached nicely?  :(

The front pocket is just fabric - maybe a good spot for a map - (not that anyone but me uses maps any more these days - it's all about GPS) - but I line the main pouch with plastic, to make it easy to wipe out if something sticky gets thrown away in it...  

My carpool-mate hasn't noticed the imperfect bias binding (and I restrained myself from pointing it out to her - yay!) and was happy to finally have her own team represented!  Now she can do some (car) spring cleaning of her own...  ;)

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